Supported Stories

These are the investigations published so far that have been funded through's Flanders Connects Continents grant programme:

1. Ça Bouge au Benin (€8,631)

The most controversial candidate in the upcoming presidential elections in West-African microstate Benin is Lionel Zinsou, who has roots in Benin but was born and raised in France. Will the next president in West-Africa be a white man?

2. Chinese Success. Made in Ethiopia (€4,340)

Tens of thousands of Chinese have moved to Addis Abeba over the past years, creating jobs, roads, telecom networks and vegetable gardens with water spinach. Who are the different actors in China's recent involvement in Ethiopia?

3. The Lunatic Express (€3,500)

How did one of Africa's biggest investment companies spend the money they collected from international developments banks for the refurbishment of the Rift Valley Railway?

4. Dairy and the Rwando-Congolese Border Trade (€3,000)

Every day over 25,000 Rwandese cross the border to Goma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the majority looking to sell Rwandese milk. The trip is not without danger, but for many the juice is worth the squeeze.

5. The African Line (€10,000)

The Calabrian mafia ‘Ndrangheta's primary source of money is cocaine. How do they traffic the drug from South America to Europe and Africa leaving virtually no trace?

6. Half Brother, Half Enemy (€5,000)

The FDLR is a brutal militia made up of former Rwandese soldiers and Interharamwe operative in the area around the Rwando-Congolese border. Its role seems to be played out, but is it really?

7. Development Initiative Pushing Tanzania's Pastorals into Poverty (€10,000)

Some of the G8's New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition projects aiming to combat hunger and poverty in Africa go directly against the interests of the smallholder farmers they're supposed to benefit.

8. Water Points in Malawi: Does Development Aid Work? (€5,000)

Development aid is not as straightforward a way to bring about change as it seems. The countries that need it most, are often suffering from corruption and a lack of good infrastructure. Malawi is a case in point. 40% of its economy depends on development aid.

9. The Cotton Connection (€5,000)

Early 2016 Burkina Faso announced its withdrawal from the genetically modified cotton introduced by multinational Monsanto eight years before. The Cotton Connection investigation shows that the American company made huge mistakes, but is not the only actor to be criticised.

10. Beni Files (€3,500)

Since October 2014 more than 1000 citizens have been killed in and around Beni, a town in North Kivu in DR Congo. The web documentary Beni Files shows what is happening right under the nose of the world's most expensive UN peace mission.